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About Us

We are a firm of experienced Chartered Accountants & our goal at JAA is to provide timely, contextual and practical solutions. What we do has been categorized into Start, Run and Assure in the context of the life cycle of an enterprise.

We strive to be one stop shop.In-house and network experience includes all necessary skill sets. Indirect & Direct Taxation, International taxation, IS Controls, IFRS are some our key specializations.

Why JAA?

Unwavering Attention

Client satisfaction is of paramount importance hence we understand your business and expectations. As a valuable client, you will receive timely & seamless services.

Global Approach

All our partners have worked with global consulting firms and corporates. Tax and IS experts integrate with us to plan an effective audit.

Experienced Client Service

Each client has a dedicated client partner, who is responsible for all engagements of that client. Respective experts come in as the engagement partners.

Approach & Methodology

Partner Led

At every stage of an assignment, we actively involve senior partners to ensure that the right hands are involved in the planning and performance of our services.

Our partners and advisors are highly respected in their fields of practice and bring with them deep knowledge and industry experience.

Risk-based and Industry focused

By definition, our approach is planned around industry background as well as specific risk identification, including identifying Material account balances and potential risks and related internal controls

Our service approach focuses on identified risks and will be dynamic enough to respond to changed in risks as well as your internal controls.

Technology Driven

One of our key differentiators is the use of technology.
Papilio to provide consistency of expectation to our service process. The same been implemented throughout the firm making a strong knowledge based work flow.
CAATs- for data analysis and tools to address specific risks and data analysis that go behind it.


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